A New Church

Are you tired of the rules of religion?
Earth House has one rule.
One commandment.

Do not bother others,
be nice and kind,
otherwise you may do as you please
. 1

Heaven is a potential within us all. We can create heaven – right here, right now. All we need is to realise our immense power.

Don’t be dismayed at the world. See the beauty in every situation. Go with the flow, listen to your heart, and all will be well.

Dr. Farzam speaks about global Oneness

Earth House Church has many rooms, and there is one for you.

These are my two books: Glass Onion and Clear 13 Chakras. Free offerings.
Read about the Founder of Earth House Church 👈🏻


1 This is my translation of “Kardemommeloven“.
To be more specific (adapted from Isaac Asimov):
1. An awakened human may not harm Earth, or, by inaction, allow Earth to come to harm.
2. An enlightened human may not injure a sentient being or, through inaction, allow a sentient being to come to harm.
3. A true human must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

More details are coming soon

What makes you happy?


Why not do more of that. And less of all the boring stuff.

Membership by invitation only. We are non-denominational. All faiths are welcome.